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Para a comemoração da chegada dos 39 anos de Camilla Luddington, nós pedimos para que os fãs mandassem mensagens especiais e que refletissem tudo o que sentem e admiram nela. — Desejamos, tanto para a Camilla quanto para vocês, que este dia seja muito feliz, repleto de surpresas encantadoras e que possamos mostrá-la o quanto a amamos. Tenha uma ótima leitura; rodeie-se de sensações positivas e divirta-se!

To celebrate the arrival of Camilla Luddington’s 39th birthday, we asked fans to send special messages that reflect everything they feel and admire about her. — We wish for Camilla and you, that this day is happy, full of lovely surprises and that she can see how much she is loved. Have a great read; surround yourself with positive energies and have fun!

Happy Birthday my love! I wish you all the happiness, success, peace and love in the whole world. I have been with you for a long time, I saw you grow up, I saw you going through difficult times where you tried to hide from us so as not to worry, but I also saw you become this strong, inspiring and empowered woman! I could write a book with all the ways you help me on a daily basis, but still, it would be little. You changed my life, you do me a good that no one else does, you are the reason I am alive.
I would like to thank you for being who you are, for fighting for all important causes, for being who you are and for never changing. Thank you for saving my life! Thank you for making me smile every day even with small things. Thank you for so many years being by your side, just thank you.
Camilla, you are everything to me. There are no words in the world or texts that will describe it, but I hope you feel loved through it. I thank God every day for putting you in my life! Without you I’m nothing.
You are the best part of me, you are my favorite person, you are my person. Your smile is the reason for my happiness! Never, ever, forget how amazing you are.
I love you to the moon and back, forever. 🤍⭐️ — @jetaimecamilla

Happy birthday to the sweetest soul in the earth. I’m so glad to spend one more year being your fan and I wish you all the good things in the world including happiness, love, health. You have an amazing soul and heart and I can’t imagine not being your fan. You’re inspiration for so many people including me.
Happy 39, Camilla! — @loveludds

You are one of the most beautiful souls I know, you are warm, kind, amazing and extraordinary. You every day, every year you are growing more and more, even with all the fame, you still keep your origin highlighted. It’s good to know that none of this made you stop being that dreamy, laughing, and unique woman, with a twinkle in her eyes. Since then, I see you evolving, but never getting lost. You have become a strong woman, a giant professional and someone where everything you touch becomes love. The most beautiful part of all this is that regardless of so much growth, its essence remains the same. And that’s why they love you just for existing, because your life is only a gift. You are simple, but at the same time giant and living your dreams with you is fuel for me to always believe in mine. I love seeing you flying higher and higher, being welcomed by a crowd that admires you. Thank you for so many teachings, for your kindness and generosity. For everything you did and do for me, things that only we know. I want you to know that I will always take care of you. I will always be present in your life, whether physically or virtually, wherever I can, and whatever I can be. I will always be here loving you, caring for you and protecting you from all the harm I can. I will never stop being by your side, even if there are miles away. Take care there, I’ll take care of you with all my love from here.

Love you & happy birthday, babe! ♥️ — @razatgoddess

hey girl! alright, first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! today is a special day because it marks the day that a highly talented person was born. i appreciate you for always making me laugh even when i’m having the worst day. and i hope that this birthday brings everything that you want, especially happiness. thank you for making me a better person and inspires me everyday. i love you more than words can imagine. — @luddshawm

I’m in love with Camilla and every word, smile and phrase she releases. Her smile is magical, and it makes me happy and motivates me regardless of the situation. I love her with all my heart and I love to feel the craziest and most sincere feelings when it comes to her! I love her for the way she talks about what she loves with so much truth and light in her eyes, for the intensity and spontaneity that only she has, and for the lightness and peace she transmits to me when I am in my worst days. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have her in my life!💘 — @lovsluddington

Hi Milla!
I met you 1 year ago, and when I saw you for the first time I knew you wouldn’t be just another actress. You appeared on my cell phone screen stepping off an elevator and i just fell in love with everything you do, lol.
I send u a “I love you” in your dm every thursday and i know thats crazy but
I wanted to say that even without knowing me, you have a huge impact on my life, and I know that on the people around you even more, and just like me, thank you for your existence.
So I decided to be part of this project to congratulate you for another year of your life, and tell you how important and admirable you are. I admire your work, your friendliness, your beauty. Your relationship with ur family and fans, which is beautiful. I admire you for making such a strong and complete character. You are amazing, never forget that.
Happy life and happy 39 to my favorite swiftie. Always with u🤍— @maluferreiracn

Alles Liebe & Gute zum Geburtstag or Happy Birthday, Camilla! I hope you have the best day & celebrate with all the people you love and feel all the love. Thank you for always being yourself, smiling, laughing, making everyone’s day better by simply being you & radiating that energy into the world. With so much love, Caroline. — @jolex.4196

Hi, you don’t know me, and yet you’ve already taken me out of so many ruinous moments that I don’t even know how to say it!
Milla, I met you in one of the worst moments of my life, and you took the most sincere laughs from me, the truest cries and showed me unconditional love! You inspire me to be my best version, to give the best of myself always! I admire you even though you went through what I did, you still shine and inspire people like me!

With love, Thaissa!🤍 — @thaeessa

Happy birthday, Camilla!! I just have to thank you for being a fan of such a generous and amazing person like you. Thank you for giving me strength in the worst moments and for making me believe in myself. There are no words in this world that describe the love and gratitude I have for you. Hope your day is wonderful!!💘— @vhsdrew

Happy birthday to my favorite girl!! You have no idea how much you mean to me, I’m so thankful for you, you’re so kind, talented, adorable and sweet i can’t explain how much i love you milla ! You’re such an inspiration for me, you have the purest heart and soul I’ve ever seen and I love that on you💕 I hope you have an amazing birthday 🥳 ily to the moon and back . — @Lcorpdanvers

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLA!!! I can’t put in words how much I love you. You were present in so many difficult moments in my life and helped me SO MUCH and I will be forever immensely grateful for that! I love the energy and the joy you transmit to others 💫 I love how much you care about people, your empathy and how sweet you always are with the fans.. 🥹 And I greatly treasure your extraordinary and noble heart.. ❤️ I wish you the most wonderful day!!! 😘— @anstnxludd

Hii Camilla ! I wish you the best of birthdays 🥳 you are so important for me and I could never thank you enough for that 🥺 I love you soo soo much and you made my day better. Your laugh, your smile and your beauty lifts my spirits every day. I wish you the best birthday birthday in the world with your family and your friends you deserve the world ❤️ xoxo from France. — @joxwilscns

Happy Birthday, Camilla!! 🥳 Words cannot describe how grateful I am for your life. You are an enlightened person, who has a contagious smile, as much as you are beautiful on the outside, you are on the inside. I’m very proud of the amazing person you are, I admire you so much!! This year is the 5th birthday of yours that I wish you a happy birthday, and I’ll be here, on this same date, wishing you a happy birthday, for many more years! Thank you for being so good and special, I love you!! I wish that your day is wonderful, just like you.
With love, Isis 💗 — @gatodarachel

hey, cami! first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my name is Aline and im your fan since 2019! this was one of the best thing that happened, it’s so easy to be enchanted by you and your work. you’re amazing in everything you do!
i wish you the happiest birthday ever, with much love and peace around you. i love you with all my heart!
i think one of my favorite thing about you is that you’re funny, entertaining and enjoyable to be around, always putting a smile on our faces with your jokes 😜 hope you enjoy your day!!!! i love you ❤️❤️ — @sttonecold

On this day life gave me a gift: it gave me you, you are my polar star, who guides me everywhere, you give me strength and courage. You are my inspiration, in everything. I thank you because you saved me, you are my point of reference when I’m sick when I’m happy, always, I come to you and I find you ready to snatch that smile from me that only you can bring out. I admire and love everything about you, not to dwell; I WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU DESERVE IT, YOU DESERVE EVERYTHING. — @_.luddmilla._


Dia 15 de dezembro de 2022, Camilla Luddington completará 39 anos.

E neste ano, nós decidimos planejar algo especial. O Camilla Luddington Brasil, composto inteiramente por fãs, planeja celebrar esta data especial e também mostrar a ela o quanto a amamos através de um registro permanente. Queremos homenagear sua vida e presentear tanto a ela, como a todos nós, a fim de demonstrar o quão gratas somos por tê-la. — Mas, como funcionará o projeto? A gente te explica!

Primeiro, a missão é escrever uma mensagem demonstrando todo seu amor e carinho, parabenizando-a por seu aniversário. Da maneira que você preferir, com todo o seu coração. E logo após, citar algo que faz você admirar a Camilla; você poderá digitar a mensagem nos comentários desse post, através do Twitter, ou se preferir mandá-la por dm ou e-mail com seu user.

E o que nós, CLBR, iremos fazer com essas mensagens? O plano é montar uma espécie de carta digital em nosso site com as mensagens de vocês e o motivo pelo qual você a ama ou admira.

É muito importante que vocês leiam o seguinte regulamento:

Sua mensagem têm que manter o limite de menos de 10 linhas. Essa condição é necessária para que possamos incluir o máximo de fãs.

• Deverá ser enviada por: Comentários (neste post), e-mail ( ou na DM do Twitter & Instagram.

• Se preferir comentar, é simples: apenas cheque o nosso perfil e encontre a postagem do projeto de aniversário. Basta apenas deixar seu comentário na publicação e pronto.

• Se preferir mandar por dm, basta ir em nosso perfil, clicar em nossa dm e mandar sua mensagem. Iremos ver o mais rápido possível e te mandar um feedback.

• Se preferir enviar um e-mail para nós, pedimos que junto a mensagem, você deixe o seu user do Twitter ou Instagram escrito logo abaixo e nos envie a sua mensagem com o assunto “Aniversário da Camilla.”

• É obrigatório e muito importante que no final da mensagem, você cite algo que a faz amá-la ou admirá-la.

• Se não souber inglês, não tem problema. Escreva em português e nós traduziremos.

• A data limite para o envio da mensagem é 12/12/2022.

• Não estamos garantindo que ela veja mas não impossível. Prometemos tentar tudo que estiver ao nosso alcance para que chegue até ela.

• Qualquer dúvida em relação ao projeto, pode falar conosco pelo Instagram ou Twitter, que iremos te responder e ajudar.

Contamos com todos vocês, ass: CLBR! 🤍

  • In English for the worldwide fans.

December 15th 2022, Camilla will turn 39 years old.

This year, we decided to plan something special. The Camilla Luddington Brazil team, composed only by fans is planning to celebrate this special date and also show her how much we love her through a permanent register. We want to honor her life and give a gift to both her and to all of us, in order to demonstrate how grateful we are to have her. — But how will the project work? We explain to you!

First, the mission is to write a message showing all your love and cherish, congratulating her for her birthday, in the way you want from the bottom of your heart.
And after you mention something that makes you admire Camilla; you can write the message in the comments of this post through Twitter or if you want you can dm us or send an email with your username.

And what we, CLBR, are going to do with this messages? The plan is to built a digital letter in our website with your messages and the reason why you admire her. It’s important to read the rules:

Your message has to keep the limit of less than 10 lines. This condition is necessary so we can put the many fans as we can.

• It should be sent by: Comments (in this post), email ( or in the Twitter or Instagram DM.

• If you prefer to comment, it’s simple: just check our profile and find the birthday project post. Just leave your comment in the post and that’s it.

• If you prefer to send by dm, just go to our profile, click on our dm and send your message. We will see as soon as possible and send you feedback.

• If you prefer to send us an email, we ask that together with the message, you leave your Twitter or Instagram user written just below and send us your message with the subject “Birthday of Camilla.”

• It is mandatory and very important that at the end of the message, you quote something that makes you love or admire her.

We count on all of you, ass: CLBR! 🤍

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